Mixing and Mastering | 1519 Music Group


Mixing is the process of blending and combining all the recorded tracks in a DAW session.

When you record multiple tracks, they add together at your master bus and pile up.

It is our responsibility to make sure each of those elements shine and sit exactly where they’re supposed to.

We do this by gain staging, leveling, panning, dynamics processing, EQing, and adding effects. We own every plugin you can think of from Waves, Slate, Fabfilter & more.


Mastering is the final step in the production process of a song. This is where get your song ready for radio and streaming.

Think of it like the glue. We take the stereo bounce of your mix and apply further processing to get it ready for anywhere it might end up in the world.

This process typically includes tools like EQ, compression, limiting and stereo enhancement. It’s all about the right loudness, dynamic range and headroom meeting industry standards specifications.



In modern hip hop recordings it is very common for an artist to jump on beatstars, airbit, etc to buy a mp3 or wav beat lease. If this is you, we have a package that is discounted for songs with less than 8 tracks in the session. We can turn these over rapidly and with industry ready quality. While we always recommend purchasing track outs and taking your sound to the next level this is our most popular package. LETS WORK!

Advanced Analog EQ & Compression, Noise Gating, Reverb, Delay & DeEssing, manual and auto pitch correction, using industry-leading plugins. We treat your song like it’s one of our own.

We can do 2 free revisions. Changes will be made and sent 2-5 days after we have your mix notes.

Your song will be turned around within 2-5 days. If anything comes up we will let you know well ahead of time.

No. We find there’s less issues if you just send your mix tracked out with each individual wav form separated. Please click here to learn how to send your files.

YES! Please contact us if you have a full EP or Album and we will discount and give you a custom quote!

That’s perfect! I just hope it doesn’t sound cheap. I can’t even count the number of great artists I know who’s music sounds awful because they use the buddy system instead of taking the next step.

We are located in Huntsville, AL.

Please contact us if you’re having any technical issues and we will get you taken care of. Stephen@1519musicgroup.us

How to Upload Your Tracks

1. Export individual tracks in Wav or Aiff format

This is where you export the individual tracks in your song in wave or aiff format.

If you're not sure how to do this, refer to the links below.

Pro Tools: How to Export Individual Tracks in Pro Tools
Logic Pro X: How to Export Individual Tracks in Logic Pro X

2. Turn off ALL FX

Make sure your tracks have NOT HAD ANY FX OR PLUGINS APPLIED TO THEM. If you have autotune or Melodyne on the tracks just let us know the key and we will apply it ourselves.

3. Make Sure You Are Sending Audio Tracks

Please sent tracks as .WAV (.aiff is also ok)

4. Make Sure Your Tracks In Time

Please make sure all of the files you send are on time and aligned or we will need to push pause until you correct them.

5. Include BPM and Song Key

If you’re not sure what the BPM or key is that’s fine. We will figure it out but prefer you to add it to the title of the tracks you send.

6. I’m ready to upload

Send us a dropbox link, google drive link, or send via wetransfer.com to stephen@1519musicgroup.us