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WordzPerfect - 034 Album

WordzPerfect - 034 Album

Seventeen years ago, Kami Dash Kazi & Finesse formed an unbreakable bond during their high-school years that they still proudly carry to this very day. This was where the roots were laid down and the dream was hatched – they began to incubate ideas, sharpened their skills, and created WordzPerfect.

Both artists in their early thirties now, they exemplify the essence of Hip-Hop & freedom of expression. With immaculate attention to detail in their lyrics & imagery, Kami Dash Kazi & Finesse present a unified front as WordzPerfect and are completely dialed-in to the massive scope, scale, and size of their sound. Ready to dominate charts & playlists with a verbal onslaught of words that matter and beats that can’t be denied, together these two artists prove to be an unstoppable force in the game to be reckoned with.

Priding themselves on their innate ability to connect to the hearts & minds of listeners through their own signature mix of powerful emotions, versatile bars, and wild dynamics on display throughout the lyricism, music, atmosphere & aura of their two-man crew – WordzPerfect is ready for the next-level.

From gripping low-end grooves, to melodic hooks designed to move the mind, body, and soul – this duo from Hazel Green, Alabama, is taking their music directly to the people, worldwide, where it belongs. 034 is out & available summer 2020, and it marks the beginning of an all-new chapter for WordzPerfect that fully reveals the journey to get to their debut was all worth the waiting. Stocked & loaded-up with the drive, dedication & talent it takes to succeed – WordzPerfect has the X-factor your speakers crave; join them as they start the most exciting chapter of their career & set the standard for the rest to follow.

Listen now everywhere music is available: https://hypeddit.com/link/wh3tgs

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