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Who is 1519 Music Group

Who is 1519 Music Group

1519 Music Group is a full service production company and music marketing agency. We specialize in beats, music and audio. Now partnered with 7+ figure digital marketing agency Rocket City Digital we are here to be one of the very few Data Driven companies FOR THE ARTIST… With media buyers, graphic designers, and cinematographers in house there is no ceiling on what we can do. This company was founded by Stephen Moore.

Stephen Moore is an entrepreneur in Huntsville, Alabama. He entered the world of music recording and production 17 years ago and has since helped hundreds of artists, musicians & companies achieve their goals using high quality audio and sound.

Working with hundreds of independent rappers to major artists and brands such as Jason Aldean, BMW, & NASA to name a few.

In 2018 he founded a data driven music company FOR the artist. With a keen eye for what “works” and an obsessive passion for sound, Stephen has been able to achieve extraordinary success for himself and the artist he works with in a short period of time.

Stephen Moore is the Founder & CEO of 1519 Music Group.

Which is now a partner of 7+ figure marketing agency Rocket City Digital

Our team is excited for the opportunity to work together and we look forward to hearing your songs on the radio!

Please feel free to contact us!
E-mail: Stephen@1519musicgroup.us
Instagram: 1519musicgroup_
Facebook: facebook.com/1519musicgroup