Burn the Boats - Andy Andrews Shout Out | 1519 Music Group
Burn the Boats - Andy Andrews Shout Out

Burn the Boats - Andy Andrews Shout Out

Something pretty amazing happened earlier this year. The man responsible for the name and branding of our company followed us!⁣

@andyandrewsauthor story of Burn The Boats literally inspired this whole thing.⁣

As @nicklasater and myself (@stephenmoore1519) were at the office crazy hours for months on end figuring out the structure, running numbers, packaging services etc. we ran into one issue. What are we going to call this thing?⁣

Last year Nick inspired me to read “The Noticer” and “The Travelers Gift”. Andy Andrews is a hero of his and both books were extremely inspiring to me as I was going through a lot of changes in my life as well. One night we started the Burn The Boats video on YouTube…. We immediately looked at each other and knew.

1519 Music Group was born right at that moment.

We literally filed for the LLC immediately after. In January 1519 merged with @rocketcitydigital to marry all of our music/audio services, with a full service creative agency.⁣

We couldn’t be more excited about this venture and wanted to share this video with you. No matter what you want in life, go for it and never look back.

“Live your dreams, enjoy life, sink or swim, learn to float⁣
Leave your excuses in the past, light the torch and burn the boats”⁣⁣